Social Mycelium / Helsinki

LED board, text, photos, live-stream, 2018

Ongoing since 1st of May 2018

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1.5. Kontula Faouzy fell in Love with Laura in Pori. He is from Guinea. Adam is Faouzy’s son.

Laura is Adam’s father’s girlfriend. Laura and Adam can present themselves by using palindromes: Madam, I am Adam. Laura is Saippuakauppias (a soap trader).

8.5. Kippari-pub, Kontula When Laura and Winnie first met, Winnie said you'll remember my name from Winne Mandela. And Laura did. Winnie got to know Janne three years ago, when he moved to Kontula. The first six months Janne was in Kippari Pub alone every Friday evening. Everyone thought he was a policeman. Papa ‘Adolf, Aatu’ was the first one to come to talk to him. Now they are close friends.

Ijaabo and Papa are also good friends. They quarrel often but always make up.

Ijaabo got to know Osman ‘Osku’, who works in Kippari. The very same evening, as Hani met the love of her life, she met Osman. The place has a positive vibe, she says. In Pitäjänmäki, 2014, Hani got to know Dj Yhsuf, who has has a good enjoyment of life, she says. He doesn’t stress. Dennis knows Dj Yhsuf from Kippari and made friends with Andre.

9.5. Kontula mall Andre got to know Laura through this project.

12.5. Puotila Remi was a customer at Laura's work. They became friends and nowadays they at least go to each other's birthdays. Rebecca is Remi's sister. Kristjan is Rebecca's brother. Kristjan is 20 years older than Rebecca. Monika is Kristjan's mother. Monika and Liilia met each other at Imbi's home, when Liilia had just moved to Finland in 2011.

14.5. Recycling Center of Itäkeskus Liilia and Diana are close friends. Diana and Laura have known each other for a couple of months. They are workmates. Laura and Mikko are workmates and a little bit more than that. Mikko and Juho work together. Irina is Juho’s boss. Irina wanted to be photographed together with a customer. By coincidence Anne’s friend Pietari was also there.

15.5. Kruununhaka Pietari and Mirva got to know each other at a communal art education course, in which they held workshop for elderly people with dementia. Later Pietari moved to a shared apartment with Mirva. Mirva and Aro met each other five years ago at vocational school, in the dressmaking department. Aro and Jirka study photography in Pekka Halonen Academy.

17.5. Lawn next to Kiasma Jirka met Johanna in the same school. Johanna and Sini were once in a same place in which one was a trainee and the other was crazy.

19.5. Helsinki Railway Station Sini worked in a clothing store, where she met Pirkka who needed a pair of trousers. At some point they were a