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End of July 2020

In the middle of the Summer, I was asked to make a light installation in the Old City of Rauma  At first I was astonished, since the nights are so light then - how to make an light installation that time of the year?  Well, in the end I can just say, that "easily". It was the Black Lace Night, traditional celebration held every year in this medieval town. Due to Covid normal festivities went online. My art work was around old city in the homes and some public institutions, so it was possible to see it live, you walked in the streets. It was raining, and the lights scattered around. It was interesting to see the Unesco World Heritage site to turn to something else for one evening. I have to make visual report of it! It has been on my to-do-list for too long. It is also not easy to make, since it turned out so interesting. What photos to choose, what to tell, how to compress an event with dozens of participants to pictures and words.

Here's  a photo from a place where I started to work there. Nice little radio station. Radio Ramona. 

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