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In early July 2020

"Anne Roininen is an artist who has worked in a close dialogue with different kinds of audiences, mixing the roles of art making. Her interest has been in social structures and exploring the possibilities of art making in the outskirts of the traditional field of art. Touching the boundaries between private and public spaces, both concrete and mental, has been a common thread in her works. Her most visible artworks have been light art installations made in the streets and apartment buildings in the hearts of cities, as well as on the fields of small villages. To escape the feeling of endless productivity that eventually turns art making to a mere commodity, she is now keen on finding ways to express and make artistic research in an ultimately unproductive and romantic way, alone and at home, subsequently trying to find the perfect spots for showing the outcomes for the others."

In the year 2020 I participated an online exhibition with great title "Not to Sing Like a City Bird Sings". It was an interesting collection from a small island Reposaari, an archive of thinking and practicing art inside an institution. We were then part of Aalto University, Visual Culture studies which later became ViCCA, Visual Culture and Contemporary Art program. For this show there was an invitation to share what had been done. I went back to memories, and found Andrea's Stone. I opened that link again today, 9th of February and got back to memories from almost one year ago. I copy-pasted the bio here, because I liked it. It feels nice to be able to get back to a certain moment in one's own practice and see, that the process, which then had started, has been going on fruitfully. I've been on a good track.

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