What does a 99-year old sing?

Finland has been this year all about the celebration of it's 100 year of independency. A month before the actual birthday I wondered what does 99-year old Finland sing. Maybe it tells something about its nation? In karaoke pubs and bars the inner lives are revealed and I could claim that some charasteristics of this whole nation too. Singing karaoke gets people together and become part of the link of all the people who ever sang these songs. Karaoke unites people and gives a feeling of being part of something. This is a karaoke video without a sound. Lyrics are a compilation from the 10 most popular karaoke songs sung on week 42/2017. Video material is mainly from a holiday in Lapland. As in karaoke videos usually, that doesn’t seemingly have anything to do with the lyrics. Or does it?

The video is part of ANNE ROININEN CAR SHOW, which is six light installations made of cars. Installations are about a mixture of forest trails, cattle path, horse, jalopy, Fordism, roads, parking lots, oil, nature, status, freedom, cities and road movies. Video is to be projected from a car towards a culture house outside wall.