Photos from Hildesheim DE (2020)
Seinäjoki FIN (2017), Southbank Center, London, UK (2021) and LUX Helsinki (2022)

Light art installation of and about cars and cities, 2017 ->

Forest trail, cattle path, horse, jalopy, fordism, roads, parking lots, oil, nature, status, freedom, cities and road movie

Car Show at the Southbank Center, London (2021)

“Anne Roininen’s light sculpture Car Show (2017 – 2022) is made from real cars, and is about cars.

Our relationship with cars is changing all the time. In terms of ecology and the way we use cities, cars have gone from a symbol of luxury, to objects which divide opinion.

Cars now are as linked to air pollution and lung disease as they are to the freedom of the open road.

By turning the cars into light sculptures, Roininen seems to be summoning mechanical ghosts. These cars appear abandoned, lost and from another age.

The artwork is commissioned with the generous support of The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland.”